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Cute Story From the Religion of Peace


We need to rename the “Religion of Peace” to something more appropriate.  Like the “Religion of Pieces.”  I prefer the latter name because that’s what they do – and have done for 1,400 years.  Leave nations and people in pieces wherever they go.

It turns out that Muslims are very “diversity oriented.”  I never would have thought so, but they apparently have the Sharia version of the ADA and they’re enforcing it.


An ISIS killer in a wheelchair has been pictured crucifying a ‘spy’ in Libya.

The bizarre and horrifying image was released by al-Hayat, the terror thugs‘ propaganda arm, reports Newsweek.

It shows the killer sat next to a kneeling man in a jumpsuit and is captioned with the words “the execution of spies in the city of Sirte”.

More images released by the terror group show other ‘spies‘ after they were savagely murdered.


It’s not known whether the ISIS thug is really physically disabled.  We know he’s morally disabled.


There was some good news in this story though.

The picture was released after it emerged that a mysterious sharp-shooter has ISIS on the run after taking out three Daesh chiefs in Libya .

Three Islamic State bosses are thought to have been taken out by the same sniper according to local reports.

Good shooting by the sniper and good hunting in the future.




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