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Cruz in the Lead Nationally: Classic Tortoise & the Hair


Calling politicians out for lying is a little like handing out speeding tickets at a NASCAR event. Pointless.

But if you’re only criticism of Ted Cruz is “liar, liar, pants on fire” or “you’re not a citizen” – then the rest of the field is in trouble.

You know Trump cannot debate Cruz one-on-one without interrupting him and making absurd claims like Cruz stole the vote in Iowa with a single Tweet from a CNN story about Ben Carson which came FROM the Ben Carson campaign.


How stupid do you think we are?

Well… a whole bunch of us are pretty stupid. Bernie Sanders voters, Hillary Clinton voters, Barack Obama voters and Donald Trump voters.

Stupid to believe these frauds. Yep, frauds.

Oh, by the way, in a new poll of Republicans nationwide, Ted Cruz now leads Donald Trump for the first time.

Trump took the lead in national GOP surveys in July, surpassing former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush. He has dominated the race since then, except for a period in the fall during Ben Carson’s short boomlet.

But the latest NBC/Wall Street Journal poll shows a significant shift: Cruz has the backing of 28% of the Republican primary voters surveyed, with Trump at 26%. Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, at 17%, Gov. John Kasich of Ohio at 11%, Carson at 10% and Bush at 4% round out the field.

Primaries, of course, are fought out state-by-state, not in a single national ballot. But Trump’s support in the states so far has largely mirrored his national standing. Moreover, his steady lead in polls has been a major feature of his stump speech.

Any individual poll could prove to be a fluke. But the NBC/Wall Street Journal survey, conducted by two longtime pollsters, Republican Bill McInturff and Peter Hart, a Democrat, is one of the most highly regarded in the field, so the results are likely to attract considerable attention.

While Cruz actually has a handle on the issues, is a TRUE conservative and by far the smartest and most able person in the GOP race, Trump fell back on the Code Pink “Bush lied, people died” Mantra in the last debate as to illustrate his magnificent grasp of foreign policy.

Don’t get me wrong, I fantasize daily of Trump debating Hillary – but he’d make her a sympathetic character I’m afraid.

Cruz would just surely, slowly and quietly allow her to be a pathetic character  – which is exactly what he’s doing with Donald as we speak..

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