Counting the Days Until This BUFFOON is Not in Charge of America’s Foreign Policy!

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Personally, I think John Kerry is a traitor.  A real traitor.

As far as I’m concerned, he committed treason in 1973 in Paris and Jimmy Carter let him off the hook.

Now he runs foreign policy.  I find that to be fitting for the Obama administration.

16-0223 Kerry

In addition, Kerry is an ignorant, dangerous fool.

Got that?

Anybody who thinks Christianity and Islam are “inextricably linked” knows nothing about religion in general or Christianity or Islam in particular.  They’re also woefully ignorant of the last 1,400 years of history.

Muslims have been butchering their neighbors for 1,400 years, or enslaving them if they didn’t kill them.  Islam is the Religion of Pieces.  It leaves body parts in it’s wake.  And John Kerry, along with every other Democrat, loves Islam a whole lot more than they love America.

I really want to outlive John Kerry so I can piss on his grave.


16-0223 Fear

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