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How Close is Hillary to a Perp-Walk?


Could Hillary go to prison?  Could she be forced to resign from the Presidential race?  Or could she get elected and be impeached by a lame duck Congress?

“Sent and Received” specifically highlights five instances of Secretary Clinton repeating the now debunked lie:

March 10, 2015 at the infamous U.N. press conference;

July 26, 2015 on the trail in Winterset, Iowa;

July 31, 2015 in an interview with WMUR’s Josh McElveen;

August 18, 2015 at her disastrous Nevada press conference;

October 22, 2015 during her Benghazi testimony;

January 29, 2016 after the bombshell news broke.

The spot closes with Clinton’s utterly tone-deaf joke about her wiping her server “with a cloth.”

The most fun part of this whole mess is a one-two punch at Barack Obama and his administration.  It seems that President Obama, who said he learned about the whole email scandal “from the news” sent at least a dozen emails to Hillary’s private, unsecured email address.

The “two”, of the one-two punch, is that the State Department, aside from claims to the contrary, knew that Hillary was using a private email address on her personal server from Day One of her tenure at the State Department.  She was never issued a .gov email address.

I think a RICO charge would be just super and I think Loretta Lynch’s replacement should be Chris Christie.  Or Ted Cruz.


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