Clinton Sex Assault Victim Breaks Silence: Are Things About to Get Messy? [VIDEO]

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The Bimbo Eruptions continue unabated with Kathleen Willey (just one of the dozens) accusing Bill Clinton of sexual assault – AND WORSE.

If Hillary thinks she’s just going away, wrong again.


In an interview with WND , Willey said that “Hillary Clinton will have to have me shot to stop me.” She also outlined her new book “Target: Caught in the Crosshairs of Bill and Hillary Clinton.”

In the interview, Willey said that Hillary Clinton ought to be prosecuted because of her role in Bill Clinton’s alleged sex assaults.

“Hillary should be criminally prosecuted as an accomplice to Bill Clinton’s sexual crimes, because she is the one who masterminds and engineers the cover-up by hiring private investigators to threaten and victimize the women who her husband sexually abused,” Willey explained.

“He can’t stop being a sexual predator, and his wife will never stop covering up for him,” she said. “For Hillary, it’s all about power. Hillary feels she has to protect Bill because Hillary is right to be afraid she will lose all her political power when the American public finally understands and rejects Bill over his sexual crimes.”

In addition to her book, Willey is involved in the Rape Account Project for Education PAC, also known as Rape PAC. She plans to join with several “well-known” Clinton sexual assault victims to launch a project known as “Women versus Hillary.”

This will make her go into more than a coughing fit… AND wait until The Donald really starts in on her.

My secret fantasy: Watching Donald debate Hillary…

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