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CHILLING: Obama Ordered 34 MILLION Blank Green Cards Last Year – Here’s What He Did With Them:


This is one of the worst things Obama has ever done, and that’s saying a lot! 

In November 2014, President Barack Obama unilaterally took executive action to grant a form of amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants in the United States, an action that has faced stiff opposition and was halted by the courts.

green card

Obama has essentially ignored his opposition and the courts though, and has proceeded, albeit more slowly and quietly, to legalize hundreds of thousands of people in this country illegally.

Hat Tip: Daily Mail

It would now appear that this was always the plan, as Obama’s U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services put out an order to vendors last year for up to 34 million blank work permits and green cards.

Now Obama is set to take executive action once again after the start of the new year, with the Department of Homeland Security planning a new rule that will ignore congressionally set quotas and dramatically expand a program that grants work permits to foreign college graduates competing against American citizens for white-collar jobs.16-0131 Marco1

Immigration lawyer John Miano lamented to Breitbart, “Obama has gone the Full Monty to bust the immigration system. What is going on is he is effectively giving Green Cards to people on H-1B visas who are unable to get Green Cards due to the quotas … it could be over 100,000.”

Unfortunately, a provision that would have specifically placed caps on the program was rejected by establishment congressional leaders and kept out of the latest massive omnibus spending bill, essentially clearing the way for Obama to grant de facto amnesty to potentially millions of foreign workers and students in the U.S.

Perhaps worst of all is that this action by the administration will provide an economic incentive for employers to hire foreign workers instead of US. citizens, as the foreign workers will often work for lower wages while waiting for their promise of eventual citizenship to be fulfilled.

This at a time when our nation’s economy is still struggling to recover and grow and an unprecedented number of American citizens are already unemployed or underemployed, especially young college graduates saddled with student loan debt.

Miano stated that this action is an example of Obama’s seeming preference for foreigners over Americans: “We have a president with a very warped sense of priorities.”

Obama has not been shy about his plans to import far more foreign workers and students into the U.S. than our economy can absorb at this time, and has no intention of slowing down or worrying about protecting the jobs of struggling American workers.

A draft RFP – a Request For Proposal – is typically published in advance so government contractors can prepare to submit their bids when the final version is published.

The draft came complete with photos of what the finished cards will look like.

Obama’s high numbers of illegal immigration ‘removals’ – what used to be called ‘deportation’ – has earned him the nickname ‘Deportation President,’ but most of those ejected border-crossers never get to the interior of the U.S..

Still, activists have protested his policies, including some who heckle his speeches. One yelled at him Sunday in the middle of a campaign stump speech supporting Democratic Maryland gubernatorial candidate Anthony Brown.

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