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A Child of ISIS Beheads Victim


ISIS has a new executioner. He’s an English-speaking 10-year-old. This video, an excerpt from a 17 minute video published by ISIS, is further proof that Muslims – followers of the Religion of Peace – who have been butchering their neighbors for 1,400 years are still butchers.

With his dagger pointed down the camera lens, the child issues a chilling threat to the United States for arming rebel groups to fight the terror group in Syria.

He says: ‘Oh America, these are the soldiers you armed and you spent money on to fight the Sharia of Islam.

We will destroy them as we destroyed the [inaudible]of Iraq… You can’t escape,’ he adds in the propaganda video which is thought to have been filmed in Aleppo, Syria.

The boy then says ISIS will meet their enemies ‘on the hills of Dabiq’ – a small Syrian town where some Muslims believe the final, apocalyptic battle against the West will be fought.

It is thought the boy, dressed in a grey tunic, is the son of ISIS fighter Abu Darda who was killed by a U.S. airstrike in Aleppo.

Before Barack Obama and his army of progressives start whining that war against Islam only enlarges the ranks of the “radicalized” and that this boy is simply avenging the death of his father, let me note that the obvious problem with the bombing that killed his father didn’t kill him too.

We are long past time where somebody should’ve recognized that the only policy that works with Muslims is to kill them all and let God sort them out.


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