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Can or Will Republicans Block This Obama Supreme Court Nominee? Go to the VIDEO:


The Republicans gloried in five minutes of tough talk about blocking Obama’s Supreme Court replacement for Justice Scalia.

Already we’re seeing the telltale cracks in the dam of doing the Right thing.

I swear Obama must have nude Polaroids of most members of the GOP establishment. Because they have a history of talking tough and then caving like a stack of Jinga sticks.

0217 Jinga

There hasn’t been a single issue since the Republicans took control of Congress when they haven’t caved in favor of Obama. There’s no reason to think they’ll start now.

The big question is who will Obama nominate? He’s got lots of liberal judges to choose from because Republican senators have declined to block any of his judicial nominations. Current front runner may be Loretta Lynch Obama’s Atty. General.

Lynch is a “very serious possibility,” Goldstein wrote. “The fact that Lynch was vetted so recently for attorney general also makes it practical for the president to nominate her in relatively short order.”

Republicans like Lindsey Graham and Mark Kirk didn’t have the courage to vote against Lynch when she was nominated for Atty. Gen. there’s no reason we should have confidence that they’ll vote against her as a Supreme Court nominee. Mark Kirk is a reliable Democratic vote and he’s up for election this year. Lindsey Graham has a long history of deferring to Democratic presidents with regard to their nominees. Combined with the fact that Graham has a spine of Jell-O and you got two votes for whoever Obama nominates.

Nominating Loretta Lynch would force Republicans to block the appointment of a black woman to high office. You can bet the Republican Establishment will see that as a reason to cave to keep Blacks and women firmly in the Republican camp. Oh wait…

Honestly, I think a bigger threat is for Obama to nominate himself as Scalia’s replacement. The Republicans wouldn’t dare refuse him a vote, and he’s easily the most liberal judicial candidate available. It solves another problem for them, Joe Biden becomes president and then runs as an incumbent in November’s election. No more Bernie problem, no more Hillary problem.

Will see if McConnell will stop it. Hopefully, Bruce Jenner will send Mitch his manhood. It may not be much but it would be an improvement.


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