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Can Rubio be Trusted on Vetting Potential Terrorists? Florida Says No!!


Depending on who you listen to, Marco Rubio is the odds on favorite to be the Republican nominee. Is Marco Rubio a conservative or just another Republican?

I have real problems with Marco and his membership in the Gang of Eight and their amnesty bill that was disguised as “immigration reform.” Marco is still defending that legislation and here’s what he had to say when Sean Hannity asked him about it.

It turns out that Marco’s opposition to enforcing immigration law and protecting America goes back well before the Gang of Eight bill to when he was a Florida legislator.  Rubio actually opposed legislation that would ban aid to students from countries that sponsor terrorism. He also opposed bills to deport illegal immigrants who commit crimes.

“I think the majority of people in Florida would say we don’t want to pay” for those students, Kravitz said at the time.

But Marco Rubio stopped that sort of common sense legislation because he didn’t want immigrants to be “targeted.”

Here’s how the Miami Herald described Rubio’s views in 2002:

“I’m concerned that by the end of the session, immigrant and foreign-born people who are here in this country legally won’t be able to get married without a struggle, get a driver’s license without being hassled, and won’t be able to go to school without being tracked,” said Rep. Marco Rubio, a Miami Republican.”

I personally, as an Arizona resident, have huge problems with anybody who thought the Gang of Eight legislation was a good bill, including both my home state senators.

Marco is a bright, energetic, attractive candidate for President, especially if he’s going to run against the wrinkled likes of either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. But the big question has to be, “Can we trust Marco Rubio to keep America safe?”

What do you think?


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