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BREAKING: SCOTUS Tells Obama & EPA to Stuff It!


The EPA, at the direction of President Obama, has been working overtime to bring the U.S. economy to a screeching halt with their regulations on carbon emissions.  Twenty-nine states joined in a lawsuit to stop the regulations and the Supreme Court agreed to hear an appeal on whether the court had jurisdiction over the suit.  The decision came down today.  BOOM!

The Supreme Court halted the EPA’s major anti-global warming initiative late Tuesday evening, dealing a major blow to President Obama’s hopes of overseeing a green-energy transition in his final year in office.

The 5-4 decision by the court puts the Environmental Protection Agency’s regulation on hold while a lower appeals court hears states’ challenge to the rules.

 Twenty-nine states had sued to stop the rules, which were intended to control greenhouse gas emissions from existing power plants.

To be clear, this ruling doesn’t drive a stake through the heart of the EPA, but it does force the case into a lower court.  It appears that the Court didn’t like the President’s actions with reference to these regulations and if the case does finally make it to SCOTUS on the merits, it will likely be doomed.

Unless, of course, a Democrat is elected in November and is able to appoint a Justice to replace Kennedy, Scalia, or Thomas.


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