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BREAKING: Obama to Skip Justice Scalia’s Funeral


In an act of spite that I suspect the late Justice Scalia would laugh at, President Barack Obama has decided to thumb his nose – once again – at those who disagree with his role as Emperor by refusing to attend Justice Scalia’s funeral.


Obama has never missed an opportunity be a hypocrite when dealing with his political opponents.

“If we want to reduce partisanship, we can start by honoring great public servants who we disagree with,” Obama’s former “car czar” Steven Rattner tweeted with a link to a headline about Obama skipping the funeral.

 Fox News host Sean Hannity blasted out his own site’s article that dismissed the decision as disappointingly expected: “Obama To SKIP Scalia Funeral, Here’s A List Of OTHER Funerals He Was Too Busy To Attend.”

Come on Steve, don’t tell me you”re shocked.

The President and Mrs. Napoleon will “pay their respects” on Friday as Justice Scalia lies in state in the Great Hall.

Scalia’s son, Eugene, did not immediately respond to a question about whether the family requested that Obama not attend the funeral.


In spite of the criticism, people close to the Scalia family said Obama was making the right choice. “I wouldn’t have expected President Obama to attend the funeral Mass, and I see no reason to fault him for not attending,” said Ed Whelan, a former Scalia clerk who now heads the Ethics and Public Policy Center.

If anyone thinks it’s important to have Obama at the funeral, there’s a solution.  Invite former Danish PM xxx and have Obama escort her.  They seemed to be having fun at Nelson Mandella’s funeral.


Obama’s legacy:  He put the FUN in FUNERAL!


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