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Blonde Bad-ass Tears Beyonce a New One [VIDEO]


Everybody knows this whole Beyonce half-time crap was all a ruse to sell songs, but now Tomi Lahren – formerly of One America News and now host of her own show on The Blaze has torn Beyonce a new a-hole.

And it’s going viral like mad:


Newsfoxes reports that Beyonce decided to make a racist political statement during the Super bowl 50 halftime show this week and we all know it didn’t go over very well.

Referencing the black panther party, Beyoncé was flanked by dancers who sported afros and black berets. They even formed an X on the field and held their fist in the air to convey the “black power” symbol.



Tomi explains that what Beyonce did isn’t about equality at all.

“This is about ramrodding an aggressive political agenda down our throat and using fame and entertainment value to do so.”

It’s time we stop accepting this racist rhetoric as the status quo just because it’s aimed at white people. Racism isn’t confined to just one race.  We need to hold racists accountable no matter the skin color. We need TRUE equality, and we need it now.

Right on, soul sister…


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