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Beyonce: Pro Black Panther and Anti-Cop


Beyonce was the “performer” at half-time of Super Bowl 50.  She turned it into a racist mess and Rep. Steve King is calling her out.

“The mainstream media’s acceptance of her pro-Black Panther and anti-cop video ‘Formation’ and her Super Bowl appearance is just one more example of how acceptable it has become to be anti-police when it is the men and women in blue who put their lives on the line for all of us and deserve our strong support.”

I can’t wait for the backlash against King, a white, Republican, male who is just dripping with “privilege.”  At least that’s how the race whores will paint it.

And speaking of race whores …


Rep. King continued in Facebook.

“Michael Brown was a criminal who had robbed a convenience store and then attempted to kill Police Officer Darren Wilson,” he continued.

“Michael Brown never raised his hands above his head and never tried to surrender. He was killed in self-defense by Officer Wilson after Brown first attempted to take the officer’s weapon away and then charged at him.”

“Yet the big lie continues by Black Lives Matter, by pandering politicians and now by Beyonce, who gets star billing at the Super Bowl,” King added.

“Maybe it’s because I’ve attended too many police funerals and because my father proudly served in the NYPD for more than 30 years but I strongly believe that this false and irresponsible narrative of police violence premised on lies and distortion endangers police officer lives.”

You’re right on the money Rep. King.  Batten down the hatches, hell is about to unleash it’s fury.  Look for the #BlackLivesMatter idiots to show up at your office.

If you want to watch the video to verify Rep. King’s post you can find it on YouTube.  I don’t link to pornography.



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