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If Bernie Sanders Wins, He Will Still Lose: WATCH THIS


Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the head of the Democratic Party, doesn’t like Bernie. So she’s rigged the game against him.

It’s OK though, he’s an old white guy.

Here’s Debbie in an interview with Jake Tapper.  Don’t watch this sober.

You were warned.

Here’s the nugget

“Unpledged delegates exist, really, to make sure that party leaders and elected officials don’t have to be in a position where they are running against grassroots activists,” Wasserman Shultz said, adding that the Democratic Party “highlights inclusiveness and diversity at our convention” and wants to give activists “every opportunity” to participate, which she says it what the superdelegates are for.

Tapper simply responded by saying, “I’m not sure that answer would satisfy an anxious young voter, but let’s move on.”


The bottom line for Bernie today is that Iowa was a tie – Bernie probably won but Democrats don’t actually use ballots – and New Hampshire was a Bernieslide +20 over Hillary.  Delegate count?  Bernie has 44, Hillary has 394.

“What?” you say.  That’s because Democrats have “Superdelegates.”  Those would be the party leadership and Hillary owns those.

Remember, “every vote counts.”  Except if you happen to be voting for Bernie Sanders in the Democratic Primary.

Meanwhile, corrupt and lying politician Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid says the race for the Democratic presidential nomination could lead into the party’s national convention in July.

“These races go on for a long, long time,” Reid, who has not yet endorsed a candidate, said in an interview with CNN broadcast Thursday. Asked if that could mean a brokered convention, Reid said, “Sure, seriously, some of the old conventions produced some good people.”

“It would be kind of fun,” he added.

Fun? Denying someone the presidency?



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