Armed Patriots Draw Line in the Sand in Texas on Syrian Refugees:

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This unfettered invasion must stop somewhere and it looks like Deja Vu all over again in Texas, where armed patriots are saying “enough is enough” on the whole muslim refugee situation.

They are vetted and are mostly angry males, according to one protestor.

Why are they coming in here freely? I think you know the answer to that..


Hat tip Wounded Warrior:

The group, called the Bureau of American Islamic Relations (BAIR), rallied for “Veterans Before Refugees.” The Facebook event page stated their objections as: “We will not allow Syrian refugees to come here from a war zone while thousands of veterans are sleeping on the streets and dying waiting for the VA healthcare they were promised when they took the oath.”

On Saturday, the Islamic Center of Irving held its “Compassion Day,” described as welcoming “those refugees in the DFW area who have fled their home countries for a better life in the United States.”

“We have people here that need our help,” BAIR founder David Wright III told the Dallas newspaper, seemingly alluding to Texas veterans who suffer with homelessness, mental illness, health issues, and abject poverty. Many of the BAIR group are veterans, including John Usener, a father of four, who served eight tours in Iraq, and is state captain for the BAIR-affiliated Three Percenters Texas.

Wright also said he wanted to see how many of the expected refugees were actually women and children, according to the Dallas Morning News. A Facebook screenshot indicated the mosque anticipated approximately 200 refugees to attend.

BAIR waved American flags and, according to the Dallas newspaper; one of its members held a sign that read: “Say No to Syrian refugees.” A lone counter-protester faced off against the group with a sign: “Refugees Welcome” followed by “Texas is big enough for EVERYONE, Y’ALL!!!”

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As I said, it must stop somewhere and Texas sounds like a good place to start stopping…

This was not a protest in support of veterans. This was a hate rally.

If they want to insist that veterans are taken care of then they should take their armed protest to congress and insist they pass a few of the many, many bills they have ignored they would have benefited veterans.



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