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8 Women In Burkas Trapped By ISIS Jihadists: Then BLAM! They Get a Taste of the BITCH JUICE!


In Raqqa, Syria, an ISIS commander was taken out by a US drone with some help from the UK’s SAS soldiers. And it was epic. Eight Brits dressed in Burkas were driven into the heart of enemy territory posing as militant’s wives. Under their garb, they had guns, grenades and other goodies. They walked through town radioing the US Air Force to let them know where the target was and the US obliged by eradicating the building he was in. Then ISIS started lining people up against walls and looking for spies. That’s when they got the surprise of their miserable lives.

This is the kind of story that movies are made from.


From Right Wing News:

Several weeks ago, a Daesh commander was vaporized by a United States Reaper drone as he sat unsuspectingly in his home in Raqqa with several of his jihadist buddies, and the story of how it went down is one for the ages. According to the U.K. Express, British SAS soldiers worked in conjunction with the U.S. Air Force to pinpoint the commander’s location, and they used Islamic traditions against the terror group.

Driven into the area in the back of a Toyota pickup truck, eight brave SAS soldiers were decked out head-to-toe in female Muslim attire, posing as the wives of militants in the area to gain access. Under their full black dresses were grenades, tactical rifles, and every other Special Forces goodie you could imagine, and the team used it all to wreak havoc on the Islamic scum.

As they made their way through town, the British soldiers radioed coordinates of the commander’s home to an Air Force plane circling high above the town, which then sent a Reaper drone to launch a hellfire missile into the building, vaporizing everyone inside. However, the blast caused Daesh militant to go on high alert, and the SAS soldiers ended up having to fight their way out of town.

“The SAS team were moving back to their vehicles after the missile had struck when the town went into lockdown,” a source said. “Gunmen were on the streets stopping everyone, lining people up against the walls and threatening to kill anyone who had helped the ‘spies.’”

Although, nothing could have prepared them for what happened when they came across the eight-man team of pure badasses. As the British troops were getting into a minivan to flee, Daesh fighters tried to stop them and were greeted instead with huge rifles after the team lifted up their burkas to open fire.

“The SAS jumped out of the vehicle, lifted up their burkas and opened fire. It must have been a massive shock to the gunmen,” recalled the source. “One was killed instantly and two others ran off. The firefight gave the SAS just enough time to break contact with the Isis gunmen and escape.”

Shortly after the daring raid, rumors started swirling around town that the “infidels” had sent women to do their fighting rather than men, the source said. However, as we know now, it was actually eight brave soldiers with far better training and much better equipment, and the result was that they struck a “severe blow” to Daesh in the area.

It definitely takes a brave man to walk straight into the pits of hell like these soldiers did, especially knowing the consequences if they were caught. But it’s awesome they used Islam’s own rituals to infiltrate the group, then wreak havoc.

The soldiers were getting into a minivan when Jihadists stopped them. Up came the burkas and out came the guns… one Jihadist was killed on the spot and two fled. The SAS badasses got away. The ISIS stronghold started circulating rumors that the US and the UK had sent women to fight for them, but it was far more elegant than that. They used the same tactics that terrorists use against us and it worked beautifully. It’s about time they started getting a taste of their own medicine and this is just an incredible story. This is how you fight the Islamic enemy. Congrats to the Brits who pulled it off and had the stones to go in there. Just glorious.


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