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3 Thugs BRUTALIZE Veteran, Dump Alcohol On His Face: Then Justice Shows Up..


I’m waiting for the Black Lives Matter thugs to claim the vet who was beaten was asking for it because he was white.  “White privilege,” you know.

The vet survived.  Hopefully these three won’t survive their first day on the prison yard.

“When you commit any type of crime, we have to send a message out here that we are going to work together. We worked with the East St. Louis Police Department, the state police, and Centerville (police) to bring these gentlemen to justice,” [police chief]Tomlinson said.

They haven’t been “brought to justice” and they’re not “gentlemen” chief.  They’ve only been arrested and charged with something less than attempted murder.  Or a terroristic act.  As for the “gentlemen” comment, they’re worthless thugs and there is nothing “gentle” about them.  Without regard to what their mothers and the Black Lives Matter crowd in St.Louis has to say.

These three are simply taking Michael Brown’s place.  Punks.


300 - Bad Day


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