3 Black College Coeds Attack White Men – Then File Phony Hate Crime Charges

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A supposed racial assault at the University at Albany is now unraveling as police are now charging three black female students with assaulting a white man, then filing phony charges against him.

Welcome to Obama’s America where if you’re black – you’re taught to hate whites and authority.

Hat tip The Times Union:



Three women grabbed national attention after claiming to have been attacked on a CDTA bus around 1 a.m. Jan. 30 by a large group that included white men.

On social media posts that quickly spread the explosive allegations far beyond campus, the women claimed to have been the target of racial slurs and to have been assaulted while on the ground.

Authorities now say there’s no evidence any of that happened and that they were the aggressors in the fracas. All three are charged with misdemeanor assault and are facing campus disciplinary proceedings.

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The actual victim, police said, was a 19-year-old white woman from Congers, in Rockland County, who also was a passenger on the late-night route known to students as the “drunk bus.”

You can’t tell me race relations are getting better since we elected the First Black President, right?

Sadly, he’s the WRONG First Black President..




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