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2016 Mother of the Year:


I heard a new pick-up line: “How’d ya like to avoid the gas chamber?”

So this female drug dealer on death row in Vietnam came up with a pretty selfish idea for saving her own hide…

… Why not make my baby stay in prison with me for life and then they won’t kill me?


Sounds crazy, right? Well, now it gets weird: She doesn’t have a baby, so she’s gotta get pregnant and some dumbass law in Vietnam says that reduces your death sentence to life in prison.

Nice life for the kid right? Mother of the year, so far..

Four prison guards in northern Vietnam have been suspended for alleged negligence after a female inmate, on death row for drug trafficking, became pregnant, which means her death sentence will be commuted to life in prison once her child is born, state media reported this week.

The Thanh Nien newspaper said Nguyen Thi Hue, 42, was arrested in 2012 for drug trafficking and sentenced to death in 2014. A court rejected her appeal the same year.mother2

The paper reported that while in prison Hue paid $2,300 to a male inmate to help her get pregnant. So the 27 year-old male inmate twice put his sperm in a plastic bag with a syringe in a mutually agreed place and Hue inseminated herself. She became pregnant and is expected to give birth in about two months. Under Vietnamese law, Hue will have her death sentence commuted to life imprisonment for having a child under 3 years of age.

Cute story.

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