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100 Cops Respond to Salt Lake City Riots When Black Teen With Broom is Shot: By Police


This is a developing story, Salt Lake City police are coming forth with information very slowly.

Apparently, Saturday night a fight broke out in front of a homeless shelter, a 17-year-old black teenager picked up a broom and was using a broom handle as a weapon. Police came on the scene and shot him four times.

Here’s an update from Fox 13 news in Salt Lake City.

Again, we don’t have all the facts but we do have some interesting facts.  The man who was shot was 17 years old, living with his girlfriend, and apparently the father of their child. According to the witness you just saw he appeared to have been drinking.

His girlfriend had this to say.

“He was a really caring, good, loving boyfriend, and a really, good caring loving father, I know what he was doing every day, the things he would do for us, I wouldn’t expect that from him he just wanted to make sure we were loved and we were happy he put us in front of everything,” said girlfriend Becca Monson.

We’ll follow the story but don’t be surprised if there are riots and fires in Salt Lake City. I’m sure the #BlackLivesMatters agitators from all over the country are flooding into Salt Lake City as I type. After all can’t let a crisis go and waste.

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