10 Toys From the 80’s You Wish You Hadn’t Tossed Out


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You’d expect these people to fight over important stuff for survival like food, water, or the internet. But nope. They’re fighting over who gets to place the highest bid on a mint condition action figure of He-Man.

Humanity, folks. During childhood, we fight with other kids over toys. Then we take a short break to be teenagers and semi-respectable young adults. Then we enter some sort of life crisis and go back to fighting over toys, but with other adults this time and with big money involved.

This isn’t really the circle of life that Elton John was talking about. These ten iconic toys from the 80’s have made me realize that I should have listened to the people who told me, Don’t touch it! It’s worth money!’

Piles and stacks of money - coins and US dollars

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