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You Can’t Believe Who Will Join the First Family at State of the Union: Wait – Yes, You Will..


Obama’s not a lame duck, he’s just lame.

Barack Obama is getting prepared to deliver his seventh, and thankfully final State of the Union address tonight and it promises to be a divisive event – as usual.

I’d say this is a poke in the eye with a stick, but is anyone surprised?


Hat tip: BizPac Review:

With the news this past week of two Middle Eastern refugees being arrested on terrorist related charges, a Syrian refugee in California and an Iraqi refugee in Texas, President Barack Obama announced Sunday that a Syrian refugee will join first lady Michelle Obama Tuesday at his final State of the Union Address.

As always, Obama follows a predictable path of all but shoving these concerns back into their faces.

The reaction on social media suggested most expected no less, with one user noting: “Wow. They just love to stick their fingers in Americans eyes, don’t they? Classless.”

A sampling of responses from Twitter is CLIcK HERE

This in spite of, or maybe because of, the immense opposition from the American people and the governors of more than half of the states to Obama’s plans to import tens of thousands of mostly unvetted refugees from hotbeds of radical Islamism like Syria.

Even though numerous senior Obama administration officials have admitted that it is impossible to thoroughly vet the Syrian refugees, and the American people have largely rejected the idea that these unvetted refugees must be brought to the U.S., Obama remains committed to importing tens of thousands of unknown individuals from regions that run a high risk of radical jihadism.


And that speaks more to the actual state of the union than anything Obama may say in his speech… Which I’m not going to bother to watch.

Are you?



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