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Whoopi Gets the Message!


I don’t watch “The View” but I certainly have had enough material from the show to use for stories. Like the time they had Ann Coulter, author of Adios America, on their show and she criticized Symone for making fun of a person named “Watermelondrea“.

Besides Symone, we’ve certainly had enough material for stories from Whoopi as well. Did you hear about the time Whoopi was making fun of Donald Trump and her tour bus caught on fire?


From the DailyMail:

Whoopi Goldberg was forced to cut a show short Saturday night due to her tour bus bursting into flames.

The comedian, who was performing at Casino New Brunswick in Moncton, Canada, ended her show when hundreds of people were told to evacuate the venue because her tour bus parked outside was on fire behind the auditorium.

Goldberg, who was on stage at the time, was not involved in the fire.

It’s unclear what started the blaze, according to TMZ.

It’s also unclear if anyone was in the bus at the time or if there are any injuries.

Pictures from the scene show huge plumes of smoke emanating from mostly the front end of the bus.

Sarah Bissett, who was in attendance, said that audience members began smelling smoke towards the end of The View co-host’s show, according to The Canadian Press.

The 59-year-old Goldberg was slated to perform only one show in Moncton.

The casino advertised the Oscar-winner’s show as offering ‘Whoopi’s unique observations on current events and a wide variety of topics that are on her mind.’

What started the fire could have been a message from God above…or as they say in show business, “timing is everything!”

Goldberg told the audience she didn’t want Donald Trump “representing her” and in fact she would leave the country if he was elected. 

Shortly after her statement was made, Goldberg’s tour bus burst into flames and you know the rest.

 I certainly don’t want The Donald representing me either, but Whoopi, please, dont’ let that stop you from leaving the country.




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