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The “White Privilege” Movement is Just Another Form of Control From The Left


Mostly white college students are having fits over “white privilege” these days.  They are upset because it seems white people have privileges just because they earned them.  It seems to me that the idea of “white privilege” is having a reverse effect.

First of all, successful white people are successful for only one reason.  They earned their success.  Just like successful black people like Dr. Ben Carson.  He’s earned every bit of his success and more.

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The problem is, if you buy into “white privilege” you buy into black victimhood.  “Oh, I’m just a victim nothing is my fault.”  And then they become victims, not of “white privilege” but of self imposed black victimhood.  Go tell Ben Carson that he was a victim, see how far that gets you.

That’s a very good question [black victimhood]recently posed by writer John McWhorter in an article published by the Daily Beast.

McWhorter, who is black, examines the “white privilege” movement with a critical eye. As the headline of his story asks, “When students are compelled to take ‘White Privilege 101’ classes, we have every right to ask: Why, and for whose benefit?”

He comes to the logical conclusion that “white privilege” is mostly about guilt-ridden white people, for the benefit of white people. They can feel better about their socio-economic advantages if they acknowledge them and seek absolution.

“In a society where racism is treated as morally equivalent to pedophilia, what whites are seeking is the sweet relief of moral absolution,” McWhorter wrote. “Inside they are pleading, ‘Please don’t hate me!’ And I wouldn’t be surprised if there is an accompanying feeling of purification (redemption, even) that comes with such consultant-given absolution.

Democrats are driven to blame America and lately that’s morphed into blaming white America for all the world’s ills.  The result of this is to drive minorities into the belief that they are victims and they can’t overcome their lot in life without help.  From the government, run by Democrats.

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It keeps them on the plantation and voting Democrat.  While it may work to keep Democrats in office in some areas, it’s certainly not helping blacks.  Look at any inner city.  Cities in the U.S. have been under Democrat, and mostly black Democrat, control for a half century.  The inner cities in the U.S. are the economic and moral equivalent of Zimbabwe.  Run by a black elite solely for the benefit of the black elite.

Colleges and universities in the U.S. are the home to the “white privilege” movement and it’s seeping down into K-12 thanks to “educators.”  Are they trying to infiltrate your school district?  If they’re not, rest assured they will be soon.


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