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Watch Megyn Kelly’s Ass Get Schooled on The Constitution [VIDEO]


I guess lawyer and Fox News Talk Show phenom Megyn Kelly is too busy flaunting it in Vanity Fair to actually read The Constitution…

Megyn got her ass knocked in the dirt by Ammon Bundy, as he stood on the ground of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.


Hat tip / Freedom Post:

She is obviously like most attorneys and has not studied constitutional law, which was clearly demonstrated when Kelly got the smack down on her own show..

A good question was asked by an ignorant Constitutionalist.

(I’m referring to Kelly)

“How is what you are doing not lawlessness?” she asked.

Check it out:

How long are we going to sing the praises of this second-rate model-turned “opinion” meister?

Makes me sick that Fox News is on the wrong side.



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