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Unions at risk? Supreme Court justices voice skepticism toward forced dues


Unions had their usefulness when they first started. But now they are nothing but thugs for Democrats.

They brainwash their members with lies and basically money launder money to liberal campaigns.

It is not right that people are forced to join unions.scourt

Check it out:

Supreme Court justices signaled Monday that they could deal a major blow to public-sector unions, in a case challenging the controversial dues that organized labor forces workers to pay.

The court’s conservative justices, and a key swing justice, made skeptical comments about the legality of the payments during 80 minutes of oral argument in Washington.

At issue is a four-decade-old precedent that allows public unions to collect “fair share” fees from non-members to help cover the costs of collective bargaining.

Those dues have helped preserve the strength of America’s public-sector unions even as their private-sector counterparts have withered over the decades. But a group of California public school teachers claims those mandatory fees violate the First Amendment rights of workers who disagree with the union’s positions.

“Really, these unions are not speaking on my behalf. They’re speaking on behalf of the union and the union leadership,” school teacher and plaintiff Rebecca Friedrichs said.

Justice Anthony Kennedy, often a swing justice, rejected arguments made by lawyers for the state of California and the California Teachers Association that the current fee system is needed to prevent non-members from becoming “free riders” who get all the benefits of union bargaining and grievance procedures without paying for it.

“The union is basically making the teachers `compelled-riders’ on issues with which they strongly disagree,” Kennedy said.

Arguing in support of the union, California Solicitor General Edward Dumont said the state needs a reliable bargaining partner that is funded by all the workers it represents. He said the fees for collective bargaining typically apply to non-political issues such as mileage reimbursement, working hours and other mundane issues.

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It is amazing the hold liberals have on Unions.

Worse is the cult like faith that union members have in their liberal leadership.

It is sad and at times very scary.


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