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Uh…Duh….Can You Come Get Us? Says the High Pot Smoker to The Cop


It literally amazes me how idiotic some people can be. Like how did these two even make it to their 20’s?

Kinda like, “Hey Dude! Wanta’ get high?”

“Yeah! Let’s get really stoned out of our minds and then call the cops to come get us!”

“Yeah….that sounds cool dude!”

See for yourself…

Seriously? Who does this? Right?

So your in your car driving down the road with your best bud, getting high off your ass, with 20 pounds of pot in the trunk, with a dog in the back seat. Your high as a kite. Then, the paranoia sets in and you think undercover cops are chasing you, so you call 911. How stupid can you be?

…Yeah man! Dude we got the munches. It’s getting cold out here. We just wanta’ get this over with. Can you come get us?

Speaking as if they were two teenagers in high school who were lost and called home for their mommy to come get them.

I feel more sorry for the dog who definitely has more brain cells than these two stupid, idiotic numbskulls.

You can thank the liberals for giving us 23 states where marijuana is now legal. This is what happens when states vote for the legalization of pot and then have a total lack of state regulations to check the system.

This should be called getting high on politics. Dumb and dumber.


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