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U.S. Senator Deb Fischer (R-NE) to be Primaried


If there was any doubt, Deb Fischer, a Republican Senator from Nebraska, is most certainly going to be primaried if today’s screw-up gets out.  She’s in big trouble at home.  Very big trouble.

“What did she do?” you ask.  “Does she support late term abortion?”  No, not that I know of.  “Has she become an ObamaCare supporter?”  Nope, pretty sure on that one.

If you’re from Nebraska, what Fischer did is probably worse than both of those.

16-0107 Fischer1

Look closely.  “BEEF It’s what’s for dinner”  “#EatBeef” …

Look again.

That steak came from one of these steers.

16-0107 Fischer2

Yep, that’s a tuna.

You’re in big trouble Deb.  Thankfully someone on your staff took the post down but not before we got a pic of it.  If you’d like the original, ’cause I’m guessing it wasn’t up long enough for anybody else to snip it, we can negotiate.  It won’t be cheap.  The National Cattleman’s Association just called.


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