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Trump Fans Chant: “Build That Wall!”


Liberals thought Trump would be in deep water with his wall idea.

The wall has been one of the most popular ideas Trump has. Probably next popular would be his idea to stop letting Muslims into the country.

Everything that liberals think will sink Trump just boosts his numbers higher. More and more people are getting excited about the chances of a no nonsense politician making America great again.


Check it out:

Trump fans brave sub-freezing weather to pack 7,300-seat arena as The Donald ejects protesters, children shout for him to ‘build that wall’ – and Secret Service confiscates ammunition from a campaign volunteer.

  • Man entering Paul Tsongas Arena in Lowell, Massachusetts was carrying 10 rounds of live ammunition
  • Secret Service allowed him to enter after they confiscated the bullets
  • Raucous Trump rally included children shouting ‘Build that wall!’ on stadium seats and a smattering of tossed-out protesters
  • More than 7,000 packed the arena after standing for hours in 19-degree weather and 10 mph winds, while Hillary Clinton drew 600 in Iowa

On a frigid night when Hillary Clinton drew an estimated 600 people to a campaign event in Des Moines, Iowa, Donald Trump was a world away in icier Massachusetts and out-drawing her twelve-fold – including one man who brought a pocket full of handgun ammunition.

New England voters gave him a warm reception in the college town of Lowell on Monday after braving 19-degree weather and 10 mph winds as they stood in an hours-long Secret Service line to see him at the Paul Tsongas Center, a 7,300-seat arena that was packed to the rafters.

‘You guys are tough!’ Trump roared as he took the stage.

The night’s entertainment came in all forms. Two girls, age 9 and 10, stood on their chairs and chanted ‘Build That Wall!’ during moments of silence, a reference to Trump’s pledge to wall off America’s southern border with Mexico.

Security screening added time to Monday night’s entry lines. The Secret Service doesn’t stand down in inclement weather, and for good reason. saw agents patting down one man – a self-identified Trump event volunteer in the building three hours ahead of time, who repeatedly triggered metal-detecting wand alarms – only to find about 10 rounds of handgun ammo in an inside pocket of his jacket.

The bullets were confiscated. A Secret Service supervisor on the scene had no comment.

But the man was allowed to enter after offering a sheepish grin and a quiet ‘sorry.’

No apologies would come from the smattering of protesters who interrupted Trump’s 53-minute speech more than a half-dozen times – a common sight as the real estate tycoon stumps before crowds that rival those of some professional basketball teams.

A few on Monday yelled ‘black lives matter.’ Two screamed that immigration ‘isn’t criminal.’ Another boomed ‘Bernie Sanders for President!’

After one trio was ejected – Trump had bellowed ‘Get em out!’ – he turned to the audience and grinned.

‘Isn’t this more fun than a regular boring rally?’ he asked, adding with relish that ‘right now they’re being sent out into the cold.’

Continue reading: Daily Mail

It is amazing that Trump is packing these arenas. And most of them have to have an overflow area.

Others candidates say he is just a show and not serious, sadly their ideas aren’t resonating while Trump has certainly changed the message of the day.

I’m ready for the federal government to get a wakeup call.


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