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Why a Trump-Cruz Ticket Could be Next after South Carolina Debate


A Trump-Cruz ticket would be amazing. It gets the excitement of Trump with the conservative stance of Cruz all in one.

Republicans could get very excited about this ticket. All but the establishment of course. They will be quaking in their shoes since they will be in the crosshairs.

Hillary will be in deep trouble with this great ticket.cruz-trump1

Check it out:

Thursday night’s debate isn’t going to change the polls. Donald Trump will remain on top nationally and slightly ahead in Iowa. And he will maintain his wide lead in New Hampshire.

Ted Cruz will remain in second place with a decent chance of taking Iowa.

And the rest of the pack will stay largely where they are with Rubio in third place, and representing the strongest option that the GOP establishment is offering this cycle.

But what is new from after Thursday night’s debate is the possibility of a Trump/Cruz alliance as we move through the primaries. Indeed, for the first time Trump floated the idea of taking Cruz as his vice president. Cruz didn’t say no. And when Cruz suggested that Trump could be his vice president, Trump said “I don’t think so” which turned into a laugh and they moved on.

A Cruz/Trump ticket would combine a lot of what GOP voters are looking for – and they would condense much of the vote. To be sure, there would be many who would be disappointed and disillusioned by such a ticket: having South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley deliver the rebuttal to the State of the Union address and talk of a brokered convention indicates that there are those opposed to a firebrand anti-establishment ticket.

But that doesn’t mean that the two frontrunners aren’t resonating strongly with GOP voters. When Trump said that he’d gladly “accept the mantle of anger” he got huge applause. Voters are angry. Trump and Cruz get that. And they obviously see potential in one another.

For his part, Trump put in a very strong performance. He was compelling on trade with China and especially in rebutting Cruz’s attack on “New York values” by making it clear that “New York values” are about the spirit which took over the city in the wake of 9/11 when we came together in the face of the worst terrorist attack ever on U.S. soil.

And Cruz adeptly handled Trump’s birther attack and questions about the loan he took out in 2012 that he failed to report. Just like in the last debate, Cruz was able to turn digs against him into attacks on the mainstream media and liberals. No doubt that goes over well with GOP primary voters.

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The issue with being natural born is certainly a good one to get out of the way now.

Trump is doing Cruz a favor by making sure this isn’t an issue for Democrats.

Once this is cleared up, Cruz is free to be his VP.


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