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TRAITOR! Is Obama Getting Americans KILLED With This Move?


Barack Obama wants Gitmo closed.  So does every elected Democrat.  And the Republicans are doing exactly nothing to stop him.

President Obama is on a rampage to fulfill his ideological agenda and campaign promises before he leaves office. He’s made it clear that closing the Guantánamo Bay prison is one of these — consequences to Americans, be damned.

16-0116 GITMO1

 And today, we learned that he’s taken one huge step closer to make good on this, as the Pentagon announced the largest single release of detainees yet — and more on the way.

As the New York Times reports:

The Pentagon on Thursday announced that it had transferred 10 lower-level Yemeni detainees from the Guantánamo Bay prison to Oman. The departure of the unusually large group of prisoners — each of whom spent about 14 years in custody — reduced the prison population to 93, the first time it has been in double digits since the Bush administration began bringing Afghanistan war prisoners to the naval base in January 2002.

How long will it take these guys to be back on the street?  Not long is my guess.

Thanks Barack.


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