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Top Social Media Sites of 2016


Social media is important in todays world, and it is how many of us stay connected. Big name social media sites will come and go. As the old ones hang up their coats and the new ones come in, we asked millennials what social media source they use most often and the results are in! The top 4 most popular social media sites are GAG (GirlsAskGuys), Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. On the other hand, millennials are showing less love for Twitter then ever before. Surveyors said Facebook and YouTube are great for staying connected with family and friends. In the other category surveyors stated they also use Snapchat, Pinterest, and Vine.

Take note:


While the millennials usually lead the way when it come to technology trends, they also are willing to change from one platform to another at the drop of a hat. That lack of loyalty makes it hard for new social media platforms to compete, or have any staying power.

Facebook, while having it’s issues, seems to be the one with serious staying power. A lot of people have their entire life, or at least a large part of it on Facebook. Until a company does it better AND gives you the ability to “import” all of your info from Facebook, it’s going to almost impossible to for new Social Networks to dethrone Facebook.

You can view the results and comments here.


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