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Thugs Enter Store, Pull Guns: Then it Gets Weird… [VIDEO]


Good guys with guns win another one – this time in of all places – CHICAGO!!!

Take that Rahm.  Take that Barack.  Take that Shannon Watts.

Shannon Watts is involved with “Moms Demand Action” a Mike Bloomberg gun control organization.  Here’s what she had to say a while back about good guys with guns.

Shannon, I’m once again pleased to report on how clueless you are.

Two would-be robbers walked into the wrong store on Wednesday morning.

According to police, the two individuals entered a T-Mobile store in Chicago and drew their guns. Moments later, an employee with a concealed carry license pulled out his own weapon and fired upon the individuals, chasing them out of the store, WLS-TV reported.

“Thank God for concealed carry,” district manager Neil Tadros told the Chicago Tribune.

“Thank God for concealed carry.”

Got that Shannon?  Got that Barack?  Got that Democrats?  Here’s the store manager.  He’s an NRA commercial.

Hopefully not.  They should be making gun confiscation THE major theme of their 2016 campaign.  After all they’ve solved the rest of the problems we faced just seven years ago.


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