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Ted Cruz Stands With the Parents!


Ted Cruz has come out with a powerful endorsement of education; it’s home schooling.  I’m long on record as saying that putting your kids in public school is child abuse.  Home schooled kids are standouts, they are the best educated and most well rounded by every measure.  Home schoolers are under attack by the education establishment and the teachers unions who have failed our kids at every turn.

This is a powerful endorsement from a man who may well be our next President.

“The federal government does not have any role in dictating the content of curricula. Education is a state and local issue and parents should have direct input and control of what’s being taught to their children. The single most important thing in a child’s education is parental involvement,” Cruz said.

“If you or I disagree with what some bureaucrat in the federal Department of Education says, you can’t change that, and that is not the way it should be,” he said. “I have great faith in the leaders of this coalition, and the passionate supporters of homeschooling who are uniting for this cause – to take back power from the Washington Cartel and to restore choice to the people who know our students best: parents.”

Amen Ted, Amen.  No bureaucrat in Washington cares more about your kids than you do.


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