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Ted Cruz Says As President He Would Leave an ‘Empty Seat’ at State of the Union — Here’s Why


It’s been awhile since we had a pro-life president, but this statement from a conservative GOP front runner sure is enlightening to hear.

Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz said Friday that if he is elected president, he would leave an empty seat at the State of the Union address to represent “the over 50 million unborn children killed since Roe.”

The Texas senator made his comment in response to President Barack Obama announcing he would leave an empty seat at the State of the Union “to honor the victims of gun violence.”

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Of course, Senator Cruz’s response came after Obama’s remark and here’s how the Twitter feedlooked:

The White House

@WhiteHouse.@POTUS just announced that one seat in the guest box will be left empty to honor the victims of gun violence.

Here was Cruz’s response on Twitter: 

If I’m elected POTUS, there’ll be an empty seat for the over 50 million unborn children killed since Roe 



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