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Sweden: Welfare migrant cuts throat of host family’s 7-year-old daughter


Sweden has brought a huge problem on their citizens.  They’ve got the highest rate of rape in the world thanks to opening their arms to Muslim “refugees.”  And it looks like their violent crime rate in other areas is going to skyrocket too.

“A seven year old girl was stabbed to death in an apartment in Upplands-Bro in northern Stockholm on 25 July this year by a 36 year old man, Daniel Gebru. Ten months earlier Gebru arrived as a welfare of migrant from Eritrea to Sweden. …

16-0108 Migrant1

Gebru has not been able to give any concrete reasons for why he cut the throat of the seven-year girl in the bathroom of her home. He had previously been living in the apartment. What he did there on that day is unclear because according to some data he was not living there anymore. As the Court notes, however, he did live in the apartment when the murder was committed but Gebru had failed to pay rent.

Gebru has stated that he had intended to take his own life but for unknown reasons instead stabbed the girl to death.”

Thanks to Barack Obama and the Democratic Party we can expect to see more of this on our shores.


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