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Samuel L. Jackson Hates on Vets and Police


In case you were wondering, Samuel L. Jackson is a hater of the first order.  He is the poster-hater for Progressives; he sets the standard to which they aspire.

In a recent interview Jackson was working overtime hating everybody who isn’t a black Democrat.

If there is a more rancid and unfair smear of America’s veterans than the one that paints them as damaged and dangerous PTSD sufferers we should all fear, I have yet to hear it. Nevertheless, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, “Hateful Eight” star Samuel L. Jackson  not only raised this grossly unfair stereotype, with no evidence to back it up, he argues that these heroes of Iraq and Afghanistan enter the police force and become dangerous cops

15-1230 Hate1

Got that?  Former military, have PTSD, become cops, shoot blacks.  He doesn’t mention that the overwhelming number of blacks killed by police are killed in self-defense.  And not a word about the black-on-black murders that account for 92% of black murders.  They don’t count.

And then there was the absolute inconvenience of the Muslims murdering people in San Bernardino.

In this same interview, Jackson openly admits that he “wanted” the San Bernardino terrorists to be white …

And let’s not forget some projection.

… and accuses Donald Trump of running a campaign based on “hate.”

I, for one, won’t be attending any Samuel L. Jackson movies.  I’d encourage you to do the same.



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