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“Saints and Sinners” Explodes in Fiery Death for Bikini Girl


A bikini barista who suffered horrific burns when her coffee kiosk in Washington state exploded last week has died from her injuries.

Courtney Campbell, 25, the operator of Saints and Sinners Coffee in Everett, passed away Monday afternoon at Harborview Medical Center, according to hospital spokeswoman Susan Gregg.

Campbell sustained burns to 80 per cent of her body when her java kiosk was rocked by a blast at around 4.45pm on Thursday, turning the roadside cafe into a fireball.

In a story from DailyMail:

The Everett Fire Department said in a statement the cause of the blaze remains under investigation, but officials believe a propane tank contributed to the fire.

Photos and video taken by passersby at the scene show a column of orange flames shooting out from the small cafe Everett Mall Way next to a Shell gas station.

‘They were all the way up past the power lines there. They were pretty high,’ an eyewitness described to KOMO-TV.

The fire from Campbell’s stand also spread to a car parked nearby, destroying it.

Campbell was able to escape the burning structure and was transported to the hospital, where she remained in critical condition in a medically induced coma throughout the weekend until her passing.

WOW! There are so many thoughts that come to mind.

First, I give Courtney a lot of credit for starting a business instead of having an “oh woe is me” attitude. Here was a single mom with two very young children. She could have taken the easy way out, been lazy and accepted food stamps, but she didn’t. She bought a small business instead and was working long hours to provide for her children. Unfortunately she died while trying to fulfill a dream.

Second, I think ….what was she thinking? Delivering coffee in bikinis is a great concept, but spilling hot coffee on bare skin, is certainly not something anyone I know would enjoy. Now multiply that by several hundred degrees more and you can understand why Courtney would have a hard time surviving the flames, let alone an explosion. I can’t even imagine what she went through.

Third, I feel really bad for these two young girls and the daughters of Courtney who are left behind. Her dear friend, Ben Scott is helping Campbell’s sister Jordan raise money for Campbell’s daughters and deal with the resulting medical expenses from the incident.

My condolences  to the Campbell family. Courtney sounded like a saint, even though she did wear a bikini to work. 



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