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Rush: The FBI or Hillary. We Cannot Have Both.


El Rushbo is all over the Hillary email story.  As you would expect.  And he’s distilled it down to the bottom line and he used a quote from The Hill to drive his point.

Special Access Programs (SAP) is a game changer.  It is now undeniably clear that the results of the FBI investigation will be the end of one of two things:  Hillary’s bid for the White House or the legitimacy of the FBI—at least when it comes to prosecuting cases on the mishandling of classified material.

Pick one, you can’t have both.

16-0123 Hillary2

This will be really interesting.  There are a number of scenarios to kick around.

The FBI recommends an indictment and the DoJ – Loretta Lynch – declines to indict.  If that happens with FBI Director James Comey resign?

The FBI could decline to recommend an indictment.  If that happens you can bet your last dollar that information will leak like a broken dam and the FBI will be reduced to the Keystone Kops.

Or, Loretta Lynch could earn the hatred of Progressives everywhere and indict Mrs. Clinton.  The biggest question then would be, would she suspend her campaign?  Could Hillary go to trial?

16-0123 Hillary1

The biggest question is, what do the Clintons have on Barack Obama?  They’ve certainly been digging for the last dozen years and I’m betting they have a fat file on him and all of his close associates.  What would Obama do to keep that under wraps?

The wild card though is something neither Hillary or Obama can control.  The rank-and-file of the FBI, as Rush points out.

There’s all kinds of people in the FBI who are never talked about.  I mean, they’re not high enough up that they appear publicly, that they are quoted. But they are career. They have devoted their lives to it. They cherish the place. They consider it to be the foremost criminal investigative body in the world.  And the last thing any of those people want is for anybody to think that it’s corrupt in there or has been corrupted, and this is what they all have to be thinking, what they all have to be considering, given what’s out there.

If there’s no indictment you can be pretty darn sure that some career agents will blow the lid off the cover-up and that will be too big for the major media not to cover.  And it has the potential to destroy both Hillary and Obama.

My best guess is that the FBI moves for an indictment and Obama, in the name of not allowing anything to distract from the November election, will seal the files and pardon Hillary for anything she “might” have done “unintentionally.”

The Democrats will then nominate Bernie or draft Fauxcahauntis.  Or maybe Michelle.

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