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Religion of Peace: PISSED About This!


Of  course Barack Hussein Obama would never consider this, much less have the cojones to actually do it, but is this EXACTLY what we need right now?

Hard to believe that a country like France is tougher on our enemies than the US, but it’s the sad facts.


Hat tip America’s Freedom Fighters, via Right Wing Tribune

Following the Charlie Hebdo attack, France has deported over 20 radical clerics and now there will be a hell of a lot more. French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said he wants the dissolution of ‘mosques where hate is preached.’

The deportation process will be fast-tracked while surveillance of potential threats will be increased.

‘”Foreign preachers of hate will be deported and their mosques will be shut down,” he said adding that police have conducted hundreds of anti-terror raids across the country and they will continue indefinitely.

“This is just the beginning. These actions will continue,” the minister explained adding, “The reply of the republic will be solid and total. Those who want to hurt the republic, they will be attacked, they will be dealt with, and who helped them.”

french border

Strict new measures: The reintroduction of border controls along the French frontier


Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy has vowed to electronically tag all 11,500 people on France’s extremist watch list if he is returned to the Elysée palace following the 2017 presidential election.

Speaking in the aftermath of Friday’s terror attacks, Sarkozy also promised to “expel forcibly all the imams who preach radical Salafist mosques.”

He said he intends to ‘”strengthen the internal security policy drastically” following the atrocity which claimed at least 130 lives and left more than 300 people injured.

And all the while, we’re importing terrorists instead of fighting them?

Hey Obama – fire up the white flags why don’t you?


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