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The Racist Oscars: Don’t You Love When Liberals Get Boned by Their Own PC?


This year, celebrities including Jada Pinkett Smith, Will Smith, Directors Spike Lee and Michael Moore, and the Rev. Al Sharpton have said they will not attend or watch the Oscars.

Danny DeVito says Americans are racists and that’s the problem.

They are all calling on Chris Rock, who is slated to host the show, to back out – by the way. This is borderline hysterics.
hollywood night1

I have an idea: When Danny DeVito or any other white person nominated for any award – Emmy’s, Oscars, Grammys, Employee of the Month, NBA MVP (wait – that doesn’t apply here) Golden Globes, etc. – they should IMMEDIATELY announce they are not accepting the nomination, will reject the award if they win, will not show up, not acknowledge it happened and will join a boycott of the industry UNTIL a fair amount of minorities have won said awards.

Problem solved!!  Yes – and who cares if these awards carry with them a TREMENDOUS amount of money and firepower to one’s career when you win?

Who cares, as long as it’s fair, Hollywood? Yep – just like any other walk of life you piss and moan about, these awards need to be FAIR and I’m calling on all whites to boycott these institutions and even stop going to the movies if that’s what it takes!

… Yeah, right.  Hey Danny DeVito – remember all the minorities on “Taxi”? Yeah, me neither..

cast of taxi

Racist Americans loved Taxi, Mr. DeVito. They hate dwarfs, btw.

And I hope you all are paying attention to minorities in Congress. They have their own caucus – how come there’s no Hollywood Black Caucus?  Were you not watching Fox News?

Oh, that’s right – Fox News is all right-wing and racist and, you know, doesn’t report on this stuff… Ahem.

Fox News is reporting that Rep. Danny Davis, D-Ill., a member of the Congressional Black Caucus, said he supports boycotting next month’s Academy Awards over the lack of minorities nominated in top categories.

Davis said he decided to back the boycott after Jada Pinkett Smith announced on Facebook Monday she would protest the Oscars’ lack of diversity by refusing to watch the program airing on Feb. 28.

Let me tell you about Hollywood, my friends: It’s the most bigoted, homophobic, greedy, non-inclusive, predatory industry you could be in.

Deviant behavior is celebrated, while upstanding and decent people are scoffed at, derided, and mocked as buffoons.

Everything is upside-down. Everything good is depicted as bad and everything bad is good.

The cool people use drugs, commit crime, cheat on their loved ones and engage in the most selfish reckless and sociopathic behavior.

While the people who attend services, play by the rules, live clean lives or have the temerity to honor their elders are depicted as ignorant chumps, or uptight and close-minded zealots.

In TV and films, the Liberals and Democrats are almost always the compassionate and humanitarian heroes, while the conservative and Republican characters are the greedy, destructive, and bigoted oppressors.

And the irony is, when you speak to people who actually have spent some time working in the entertainment business, they’ll describe to you an industry rife with avarice, misogyny and prejudice…

Bigoted Americans didn’t cancel “Ellen” when she wanted to come out on an episode of her highly rated and beloved sitcom – CBS cancelled  her. Americans LOVE Ellen and her talk show proves it again. Interesting that she’s the one in Hollywood with the balls to choose dignity over money. $$Hundreds of millions, by the way. In the meantime, when did Rosie come out? When the coast was clear – that’s when.

Phony and deceptive bookkeeping practices in Hollywood are so legendary and prevalent, that even favorite son, Michael Moore, recently felt compelled to sue his producers for his fair share of profits…. Although what a self-described anti-capitalist cares about evil profits, I don’t know…

Actresses, both successful and unknown, routinely describe the prevailing atmosphere in Hollywood as one of harassment and intimidation.

And sadly, over the past twenty-five years, the lion’s share of studio films about war, much too often, depict our military as deceptive, power hungry, fascist and expansionist, and the American soldier as bloodthirsty and murderous occupiers. Not all – but most.

Gone are the days when movie stars would proudly go off to war and stand shoulder to shoulder with their less famous brothers in arms, fighting for our freedoms, liberty and the American way of life.

Gone are the family viewing hours when parents and their children could sit around the television and not be exposed to an onslaught of immoral and explicit behavior, graphic violence and vulgar language.

And gone are the weekends where it was simple to find a movie, or four or five, to drop the kids off to watch without fear of them being corrupted or worse.

So now the PC bunch is getting bitten on their collective asses for not having a quota system for the Academy Awards? Hah! Why stop there?

Where are the minority studio heads? Where are the minority show runners, other than the “black shows”?

hollywood shuffle

Don’t worry, they’ll pander to this situation and it will all get back to normal soon.

Back to the most bigoted, sexist, greedy and croniest industry EVER.

Rent “Hollywood Shuffle” sometime – it’s brilliant, true, and made with credit cards.

The guy’s a genius, but he bit Hollywood’s greedy hand.



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