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Public Employee Unions May Be Toast – We’ll Know in June


Public employee unions – teachers, cops, administrative workers – are forced in most states to be union members and to pay union dues.  Union dues go almost exclusively to Democrats; they are a major source of funds to Democrats election campaigns.  Public employment is virtually a cartel run by the Democrats, and they could give lessons to the Mexican drug lords.

Democratic officials “bargain” with public employee unions.  The unions get raises and increases to their benefit packages that have many states and most cities on the verge of insolvency.  The public employees pay significant union dues, and the union leadership turns around and pays off the Democratic Party in the form of political contributions.  It’s currently a legalized theft of taxpayers funds to fund Democrats seeking to hold onto elected office.

That may be about to change.

If the Supreme Court decides that union membership is no longer mandatory in the public sector what happened in Wisconsin after Republicans followed Scott Walker’s leadership and passed Act 10 is going to happen nationally.  Union membership is going to plummet.  Like a rock.

Unions in Wisconsin lost up to 80% of their membership and the Democratic Party lost a major source of funding.  Local school boards are now able to bargain on behalf of taxpayers and parents and make rational financial decisions about wages and benefits.

As an example, in Wisconsin, a number of big city school districts locked in teachers contracts before Act 10 went into effect to protect the unions.  Not protect the teachers, protect the unions and their funds.  In every district in Wisconsin where that happened teachers have been laid off.  In the rest of the state, where they are following Act 10, there hasn’t been one teacher laid off.

This Supreme Court decision could be one of the most important cases heard in decades.  We should know the decision in about five months.


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