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Paul Ryan Came to a Fork in the Road: Stabbed America in the Back With it.


Wisconsin’s Paul Ryan, new Speaker of the House was elected by conservatives and he shall be removed by conservatives. There’s already a couple candidates being lined up to primary his ass.

Don’t think the former VP can’t be beat with all that power as Speaker?
Think again, cheese-breath..

Believe it. It’s starting in Green Bay: Hat tip, my buddy Ken Crow:


Update: Wisconsin Tea Party Galvanizing to Replace Paul Ryan

by Ken Crow

Green Bay, Wisconsin is known for producing champions. There is something about this sleepy town north of Milwaukee that just seems to exude a willingness to win at all cost. Thus is the case with a fellow Tea Party devotee named James Murphy.

The morning (or maybe it was a day later) after Speaker of the House Paul Ryan had crafted this “so-called compromise monstrosity” bill titled, “Omnibus”, I wrote an article pleading for the Wisconsin Tea Party’s to ban together once again, only, this time, to rid America of Paul Ryan. Bragging for just a moment, the article was picked up by the Washington Times, Fox Nation and was reproduced, quoted or cited in many other articles reporting that I had called upon the Tea Party and Conservative groups to oust Paul Ryan from his 1st District House seat. And wouldn’t you know it; James Murphy (President of the Green Bay Tea Party) was already on the phone drumming up support to find a candidate to primary Ryan next year.

When the “Freedom Caucus” (the 42 House members who stopped Kevin McCarthy) threw a wrench in the works to prevent the hand-picked heir to John Boehner’s seat, the Tea Party nationwide had finally reached a point where they had power and they knew it. When Paul Ryan’s name was run up the flagpole as a possibility to get Congress open for business again, nobody on the Tea Party side of the aisle was thrilled.

After much blustering, promises made on grandmother’s grave, oath’s sworn in blood, we in the Tea Party nation capitulated to this choice as long as he represented conservative values and stayed on or near the Tea Party platform for governance. Not a few months later, this is what we get. An “Omnibus” bill that funds darn near everything this Marxist Muslim President wants! Yes, I know that I will be called a racist for the remark that Obama is a Marxist Muslim President. Two quick points here; I was told what he was by an Al Jazeera reporter who is Muslim from Cairo, Egypt! I did not just dream that label up. The second, his record speaks for itself. Both he and Hillary created ISIS according to the government records and part of the Omnibus bill guarantees funds for terrorist activities to continue. Therefore, you decide what he is.


Now if I can only get Ken on the #CruzCrew… don’t worry, I will.

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