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ObamaCare a Giant Slush Fund? No …


The American people and Congress sat by and watched as Barack Obama’s “green initiative” threw hundreds of millions of dollars at Obama cronies and did nothing for “the environment.”  Big time campaign bundlers got hundreds of millions in loan guarantees from the EPA even though they were on the verge of insolvency and there was no due diligence by the administration.  The UAW was given favorable treatment when Obama rewrote the longstanding rules for corporate bankruptcy and they now own a major piece of GM.

16-0113 Ocare2

Those are just two examples of good money thrown after bad and there has been exactly no accountability for anything that; had a Republican President been involved, the press would still be running front page headlines and the Democrats would have impeached him.  The only accountability in Obama’s “green” mess is that a death penalty was handed down to millions of birds who’ve died hitting windmills or been fried over the solar panels.

Guess what?  Those weren’t a one-off.  That’s the way community organizers do business and the really big prize is ObamaCare.

Examples of self-dealing and fraud are emerging. Many well-connected cronies of the Obama administration figured out a way to make money off the Obamacare exchanges.

16-0113 Ocare1

Last February, CoOpportunity, which operated in Nebraska and Iowa were ordered liquidated by state insurance commissioners.

In New York, Republic Health Insurance, which was run by labor union bosses, has been ordered to shutdown.

Co-ops in Colorado, Oregon, Kentucky and Tennessee have collapsed. So far, 46 percent of the federally funded co-ops have failed, costing taxpayers over $1.2 billion.

The Obama Administration sent billions and billions of dollars worth of grants and loans to corporate and labor cronies to create Obamacare co-ops. These were created under the fiction that a non-profit provider would beat the prices of the for-profit providers. Yet, these co-ops are collapsing like dominoes.

You can forget ever seeing a dollar back from the states for their failed exchanges.

Examples of simple fraud and the lack of measures to combat the fraud cost the taxpayers billions. The Government Accountability Office found that membership in Obamacare was padded by false information and counterfeit applications. …

But those examples are chump change when it comes to the state established exchanges like that in Oregon. $6 billion was completely wasted as states built infrastructure, computer operations, call centers and even television commercials only to pull the plug when things went south.

Republican congressman Rick Allen of Georgia has introduced legislation that calls for transparency of the money given to states and for states where the exchanges have failed – soon to be all of them – it calls for repayment.

Don’t expect Barack’s new buddy, Paul Ryan, to let that bill ever see the floor.  After all he managed a bill to eliminate ObamaCare that’s been sent to the President. Right after he passed legislation that guaranteed funding for ObamaCare for the remainder of the fiscal year.

One more reason to support an non-establishment Republican candidate for President.


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