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Obama Talks 3rd Term


Obama is such a narcissist. He’s so vain. He probably thinks this article is about him.

Freedom from tyranny is what it is about. Liberals just don’t understand the idea of freedom.

Their answer is always more government. They don’t understand why people don’t accept their ideas.


Check it out:

President Obama said during a broadcast interview on CBS News he wouldn’t seek a third term in the White House, even if he lawfully could, because his wife, Michelle, wouldn’t allow him.

He also expressed confidence his policies during his presidency would stand – that the GOP would not be able to unravel or dismantle them.

“Number one, Michelle wouldn’t let me,” he said, in half-jest on his reasons for not wanting a third term, even if the Constitution didn’t limit him to two, the Hill reported. “You know, this is a big sacrifice and … a great privilege, but it takes a toll on family life.”

He said the presidency was “a process in which the office should be continually renewed by new energy and new ideas and new insights,” he said during the “CBS Sunday Morning” segment.

“And although I think I am as good of a president as I have ever been right now,” Obama went on, “I also think that there comes a point where you don’t have fresh legs. … That’s when you start making mistakes. Or that’s when you start thinking that you are what’s important as opposed to the mission being more important.”

The issue of Obama leaving office at his rightful time, versus declaring martial law and extending his presidency, has been a talked-about matter on some social media platforms for years.

During the CBS interview, Obama also said it was unlikely Republicans would undo the policies and agendas he’d put in place during his tenure.

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What will Obama do after his Presidency? You can be sure he won’t be going quietly off into the night like most Presidents.

Will he attempt to take over the UN? Or something even more nefarious ….



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