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Obama Gun Control Executive Actions Next Week


Gun control is just an easy way for liberals to think they have more control.

All it really does is make criminals the ones with the power.

All we need to do is look at big city liberal gun control to see how much of an Epic Fail gun control is.

The answer is to allow lawful citizens to protect themselves and deal with the problem with the mentally ill. When you get back to dealing with the insane instead of ignoring them, we’ll see less insane people going off and killing lots of people.


Check it out:

A month ago, after the mass San Bernardino shooting, we predicted that “the US will see increasingly more escalating “attacks” until ultimately Obama’s crackdown on gun sales and possession hits its breaking point and the president’s gun confiscation mandate is finally executed.”

Without a Democratic majority in Congress, and faced with a GOP that is firmly against any form of gun control measures, Obama has repeatedly warned that he would act on his own. Next week he will do just that, and his “gun confiscation” mandate will get a substantial boost on Monday, when according to the WSJ Obama will meet with US Attorney General Loretta Lynch “to consider measures aimed at reducing gun violence, a conversation that comes as he prepares to announce new executive actions in the coming days.”

The president has directed administration officials to explore any steps he could take on guns without lawmakers’ help, and he said in his weekly address that he would sit down with Ms. Lynch on Monday “to discuss our options.”

Once he has Lynch’s “blessing”, the WSJ adds that Obama “could lay out multiple executive actions as soon as next week, and administration officials have confirmed that recommendations for the president are nearing completion.

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The other big silly part about gun control is these supposed safe zones. All these are signs to criminals and the insane to come and shoot them up.

Doing away with these safe zones and allowing people to defend themselves will make it so these cowards will think twice about attacking.

Teachers should be given bonuses for getting trained, concealing and carrying on the job.

Using logic when dealing with guns is the answer, not the silly feelings of a feel good safe zone.


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