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Obama Admin: Ignoring Constitution Worth it “Even if it Only Prevents ‘1 or 2 Shootings’”


When it comes to the collective hive mind that makes up the progressive Obama administration, there’s simply no assault on constitutional rights too great to get in the way of their vision of a socialist Utopia.

Take for example the president’s latest steps to trample the Constitution under foot by creating executive orders concerning gun control.

Josh Earnest recently said the whole focus of the orders is to prevent guns from getting in the ‘wrong hands’ even if it only prevents one or two shootings. FOR REAL?


Read more from Young Conservatives here.

This is insane! Can you believe this? This administration is saying that it is more important to confiscate guns from legal citizens and prevent ‘1 or 2 shootings’, rather than abide by the Constitution. I hope you are paying attention, because this is crazy! Since when has ANY American president been so abusive of and ignorant to our Constitution like Obama?

Thank goodness some people are paying attention. Here’s some Twitter responses:

If we could prevent even just one or two gun deaths…. Josh Earnest argues for executive action on gun control


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