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Is National Review Magazine Fundraising From Illegal Activities?


I’ve been reading National Review for a very long time.  I may not be reading it anymore, and not because of their political stance.  Because the Evil IRS may be about to put them out of business, and they’d be right to do it.

We posted a story – ahead of everybody – about this.  The bottom line is that Rich Lowry, TNR’s current Editor, got 501(c)3 status for TNR recently in order to be able to raise money to keep the magazine afloat.  It would appear that Rich either can’t read, is dumb as a rock, or needs a lawyer.  Or all three.

Here’s the most recent cover of National Review.

16-0123 NR2

Here’s a screenshot of their website I took just moments ago – Saturday, January 23, 2016 at about 9:30am MST.

16-0123 NR3

Here’s the IRS regulation relating to 501(c)3 organizations, the highlighting is mine.

16-0123 NR1

And, to top things off, here’s a fundraising email I got yesterday and again today.

16-0123 NR4

I don’t think the National Review will be around much longer.  I’m sure my favorite writers will find a home, but even though I haven’t agreed with much of their editorial stance in past few (10) years, I will really miss TNR.  They’ve been a forever fixture and I’ll be sad to see them go.

I have to note, again, they brought this on themselves and even though the hacks at the IRS will certainly be laughing out loud when they pull TNR’s 501(c)3 and fine the dickens out of them – effectively putting them out of business – I will be the last to argue that they’re doing the wrong thing or that they’re “persecuting” conservatives.  We have Rich Lowry’s stupidity to thank for their demise, period.


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