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Naked Prostitutes Ripped Off at Gunpoint, Chase Robbers Through Hotel in the Nude: Then it Gets Weird


Sometimes the jokes write themselves, and sometimes they run through a hotel in the nude.

That’s what happened when a few gunmen in Atlanta turned the tables on some gals turning some tricks.

You just don’t see this everyday…


via The Daily Mail:

Two prostitutes were forced to run through a hotel naked as they tried to catch gunmen who robbed them while they stripped off.

The pair were at the Atlanta Marriott Buckhead Hotel and Conference Center in Georgia on Saturday, thinking they were being paid a visit by a prospective client.

The man entered the room and, after the group had discussed prices for around 10 minutes, a second suspect barged in with his weapon drawn.

Officer Kim Jones told the Atlanta Constitution Journal: ‘One suspect would point the gun at the victims while the other went through the victims’ property.’

The two men took $3,000 from one woman and $640 from the other before leaving the room. The women ran after the suspects while naked, but stopped when the men ran down the stairs.

Another guest called 911 after seeing the nude women in the corridor.

When police arrived, the women admitted they were escorts.

Police say the pair were caught running through the adjacent Lenox Square Mall. However the surveillance image was too grainy to be able to identify them.

… I’m curious how many times that surveillance footage was viewed?

I know you might want to see pics of the prostitutes,  but frankly, I don’t… They got this thing called “Google” now,  but you’re on your own with the results of that search.




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