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Montel Williams: National Guard Should Shoot Oregon Militia Members. Why?


I used to like the Montel Williams Show and I thought he was a decent guy, but he either is making a really bad joke – or he’s taking too many of those prescription drugs he now pushes all over  TV and the Internet.

Montel Williams tweeted out something despicable to his 160,000 Twitter followers in response to a fan remarking that the militia protesters in Oregon were merely looking to get attention.


Their intent is to get attention. That’s always been their intent.

Then let’s give them some – put this down using National Guard with shoot to kill orders

Do you agree with his “fan” or Montel on his suggestion? Or do you think he just made an inappropriate late-night joke?


Either way, if this was Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Donald Trump or anyone else right of center – it would be front-page news in the mainstream media calling out “hate crime” or worse.

The double-standard in the press continues unabated.

Bur Montel wasn’t done. Later in the night he pretty much conceded it wasn’t a joke on his part..

Totally fine with a massive use of deadly force in Oregon to take out Ammon Bundy.

I don’t know about you, but if any talk show host on the right called for deadly force against a left-wing group – no matter the circumstance – I think the attorney general would probably get involved..

What do you think?

As for the militia:

“We pose no threat to anybody,” said Bundy, when asked how he and demonstrators would respond to law enforcement officials attempting to them. “There’s no person that is physically harmed by what we’re doing.”


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